about us

This is how we took our "green path", that purple flower made us fall in love and we would like to try to let you know the wonder of that color, that flavor and that unmistakable aroma.

The origin

The first step was taken by the youngest in the family, Cris opening the “La Pieve” farm driven by the enthusiasm of his mother Sara.

Those who grow saffron know it, in an environment with a climate like the Po valley, a saffron grove is a big bet, especially with a poor soil that has been used for years by the cultivation of corn, not to mention its tendency to clayey and therefore to low drain power.

However, all this did not scare us and, armed with goodwill and rediscovered love for the dirt, we have transformed what was a corn field into a destination of curiosity for the growers / farmers in the area.

in our opinion

Soil is a living and complex ecosystem which balance must be preserved and it is precisely for this reason that the methods that we use are completely eco-sustainable.

the TEAM

The name “LA PIEVE” was easy to choose for a very simple reason, the desire to enhance our territory by giving an immediate impact on the origin of our product.

And so in that small village of Corticelle Pieve, where in the open countryside, about a kilometer from the town stands the sanctuary La Pieve di Santa Maria Nascente known as della Formigola, the adventure of Saffron in Stimmi La Pieve was born.



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