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about us

About us

The “La Pieve” farm is the dream of a mother and her son. Who would have thought that a cultivation of Saffron could arise in the middle of expanses of corn and wheat?


Farm owner


Creator, supporter and Cris’ mom

Where we are?

If you decide to take a walk in the “deep” Brescia plain, you will see expanses of corn and wheat, except for a small portion of land which in the months of October and November is colored with intense violet.

The idea 

The idea and intuition was born from the desire to do something alternative and new for our area, so after months of preparations and studies, our experience with the cultivation of saffron started.


Why the saffron?

The love for saffron came to us by discovering, in our countless readings on the subject, that this precious spice so loved today unfortunately only covers 12% of the Italian requirement and the rest is imported.

So we decided to give our small contribution to the growth of the Made in Italy product with an eye to the organic product and its supply chain.

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Via G.B. Tiepolo 23

25124 Brescia